We have information available for everything from earning your initial Technician license to upgrading to General and Extra.

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An elmer is the person who teaches and nurtures the new ham radio operator. The term has grown to mean a mentor for Amateur Radio Operators. Almost all hams have had at least one Elmer in their Amateur Radio life. Many have had the privilege of being an Elmer to a new ham.

The purpose of the elmer program is to provide the newly licensed, the aspiring, even the returning Radio Amateur, a local contact to assist in getting started and becoming oriented in the hobby. The intent of this program is to provide and maintain a cadre of licensed, experienced, local Amateur Radio Operators. We also help get you focused in your area of interest, not our own.

Though no one Ham is an expert on all aspects of the hobby, the Elmer team can direct the questions to those with real answers.


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Basic Electronics

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